User Guide

Eagle Quarter Public Consultation Website – User Guide

Thanks for visiting the Eagle Quarter website. We are keen to hear the views of everybody interested in the proposals and hope that you’ll find this website a straight-forward and enjoyable way to share your thoughts.

The process of the consultation

West Berkshire Council’s public consultation runs from 21 September and closes on 12 October. You can however register your support for the scheme via this website beyond 12 October and we will pass all comments to West Berkshire Council.

The importance of registering

We ask you to register because it is important to us know where you live when we analyse the results.

The results will be passed on to the local authority but we undertake never to pass on your details to any other party without your express permission.

We are aware of the sensitivities of personal data and are fully GDPR compliant.

How to contribute to polls and forums

Before you take part in the polls, forums etc, you’ll need to register. You can do this by clicking on the link on the page of the specific poll or forum, or by clicking on the Log In box on the top right hand corner of the webpage.

The registration process requires a username, password, email address, name and postcode. The additional information on the registration form is optional but helps us gain a better understanding of those taking part in the consultation. Only your username will be displayed when you comment online.

If you need help in taking part in the consultation online, please email

Deletion policy

Our intention is to allow respondents to comment freely. We will not delete a comment unless it is deemed to be offensive, harassment, spam, or threatens the aims of the consultation (for example, if it is not relevant to the subject being discussed or is excessive to such an extent that prevent others from putting forward their point of view).

How the results will be analysed and used

At the end of our consultation, we will analyse the results and comments and will consider whether the proposals should be adapted in the light of the comments received.