Thank you for taking time to visit this website of our proposals for the redevelopment of the Kennet Centre. Lochailort is a specialist regeneration developer that has acquired this site in order to work with the community and the local authority to revitalise the heart of Newbury.

This website endeavours to explain how, through redevelopment, the site will benefit both the immediate and wider area.

Aerial view of existing site looking East
Aerial view of local context

Location of the scheme

An overview

You can find out much more about Lochailort’s proposals for Eagle Quarter on this website. Having done so, please let us have your thoughts on the proposals and get in touch if you have any questions.

In summary, Eagle Quarter will consist of:

  1. New streets, spaces, routes and connections that reconnect Newbury and are outward not inward looking.
  2. New independent shops and cafes that fit with the character of historical Newbury to animate these routes and spaces.
  3. Urban greening and exemplary sustainability aspirations.
  4. New homes to create local expenditure to support local businesses.
  5. Visible connections with the history of this site.
  6. Wider benefits to the whole of Newbury.


  1. Northbrook Street
  2. The Kennet River
  3. St Nicolas Church
  4. Bus Station
  5. Market Place
  6. Cloth Court
  7. Kerseys Lane
  8. Corn Exchange
  9. Bear Lane
  10. Wincombe Court
  11. Eagle Court
  12. Cheap Street
  13. Additional Parking
  14. Eagle Square
  15. Vue Cinema
  16. Market Street
  17. Market Street Development
  18. West Berkshire Council Office
  19. Newbury Railway Station
Aerial view of proposed scheme
Cafes with outdoor seating
Artisan shops

View of proposed Eagle Square and connection to Vue Cinema